Thank you for participating in the virtual #LongestDay event to raise awareness for the St. James Music Academy #SJMA 


Photos are in no particular order.



It was another successful year!

With the travel industry reeling from the Covid-10 pandemic, local Vancouver travel industry folks still found it in their hearts to support our annual Longest day walk/run to raise awareness for the Saint James Music Academy in the Vancouver downtown Eastside. This says a lot about the incredible character of people working in travel! We had excellent "virtual" participation from as far away as Ontario! 

With low registration we didn't think we were going to reach our goal of "1,000 km for kids" however, everyone stepped up and got posting. Using #LongestDay & #SJMA stating their distance we got very close to our goal. 

Thank you to Michael and Philip for each getting in a ride over 100 km ! We had several runner reaching over 10 km, lots of families out for walks on the beautiful summer day. We had a unicycle as well as some kayakers to bring our consecutive total to 996 km.  

We did not ask for donations this year due to the catastrophic effect of Covid-19 on the travel industry, this year was about awareness. If you wish to donate please note 'Longest Day' on the 2nd page for your reason for donating. 

Thank you everyone for lacing up your shoes and getting outside to raise awareness to the Saint James Music Academy and have a bit of fun. I look forward to seeing everyone next year. 

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Particapent of 2020 virtual Longest Day.
Alvin Parker 10 k bike, Alyssa McGee 5 k walk, Annie Smits 6 k walk, Anne-Marie Kennedy with friends & family 5 k walk, Andrew Baxter -23 k Run, Angus Wilkinson 10 k walk, Christiane Ahpin 8 k walk, Clare Stedman 9.93 k Hike, Colleen Maxwell & family 8.2 k walk, Craig Sabasch 7.25 k walk, Darcie Guarderas 30 k bike, David Elmy 10 k run, David & Linda Powell 6.2 k walk, Deirdre Baxter 8.1 k walk, Edna Ray 4 k walk, Emily Spadafora 6 k Run, Elaine Elmy 22.8 k run, Grant Hurrle & friends 30 k Bike, Gustavo Inciarte 10 k run, Heena & Meena Parma 5.2 k walk, James Howey & family 5 k hike, Jason Stratford 12.05 k run, Juliette Ye & family 25 k bike, Karin & Darren Dyck 9.4 k walk, Laura Mezzacapo & family -10 k run, Lea-Ann Goltz 10 k walk, Lisa Bain 8.1 k walk, Laurie Jenkins 6 k walk, Manya Kellou 8.1 k walk, Mark Mees & friends 8.7 k walk, McKenzie McMillan 11.01 k run, Michael Scott-Iversen 102 k Bike, Nicole Petersen 3.25 k walk, Philip Tran - 111 k bike, Regine & Kevin Barry 5.4 k walk, Resi 5 k walk, Rod Murrell 9.5 k walk, SJMA team 20 k walk, Tara Matilda 5.33 k run, Teresa Mclaughlin 9.33 k walk, Tricia Kentel 9 k walk, Tanelle's journey team 12 k kayak, Wendy Jimenez 5 k walk, & Zeeyad Popat 4 k walk