2017's Longest Day fundraiser was a giant success !

Thanks to everyone who sponsored or participated in our 9th annual Longest Day fundraising event. And thank you to all of those who couldn't make it, but sent a donation !

This was our best event ever in many ways. Outstanding weather, record attendance, and more than double last year's money raised for our wonderful cause,
Saint James Music Academy (SJMA).

For those of you who heard Arlene's talk, you know that SJMA is more than just a music school in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. It feeds, inspires, and provides emotional support for children and young people in "Canada's poorest postal code." It is a great privilege to be able to support this tremendous organization.  

You'll be seeing new branding for our event in the future:
Friends In Travel, which sums up what we are all about. Our event is one of the few opportunities for all our friends in the travel industry to get together, have fun and do a bit of good for our community at the same time. Kudos to the many travel agencies, travel companies and friends who want to support the downtown Eastside who have made this all possible. 

Next year will be our event's 10th anniversary. We are planning something really big to celebrate. Stay tuned !  

A special thanks to:
Arlene, Dee Dee and Melodie from Saint James Music Academy. Marie from Insight to Wellness, The Travel Group and everyone else who helped in the planning to make this day possible, you know who you are.

Thanks to all of you for making this a successful event ! 

David Elmy    .

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